About the President's Council

What We Do

The President's Council is a select group of professional, business and civic leaders in the South Florida community whose mission is to:

  • Serve as FIU’s brand ambassadors
  • Promote FIU’s academic programs, activities and achievements in the community
  • Involve leading citizens of South Florida in the academic and cultural activities of FIU
  • Contribute to FIU’s strategic plan through dialogue with the university’s top administration
  • Assist FIU to revitalize and expand its financial bases by securing private financial support, consistent with the specific goals set by the council


The President’s Council originated in 1991. In its original form, it was known as the Council of 100 and was established to bridge academia and industry in order to ensure FIU graduates were best prepared for the professional world. The Council of 100 served as the primary external supporting arm of FIU’s academic leadership. The council also promoted non-academic issues and goals that promoted the overall mission of FIU, such as athletics and the arts.

The Council of 100 became the President’s Council in 2008. It is now the university’s premier community relations board. The council has maintained their mission to honor academic excellence and continues to fulfill one of its original main initiatives through the Worlds Ahead Faculty Award. The President’s Council focuses on building community partnerships, cultivating affinity to the university and promoting the FIU brand.